World Design Capital :: Interactive Video

World Design Capital :: Interactive Video

Bilbao: finalist city. World Design Capital 2014

Access the siteFinally Cape Town will be the world design capital in 2014.

In Vidactio we made a multimedia website to whish good luck to Bilbao that also serves us to show some of the possibilities of interactive video.


– The website is made on the fly according to the content shown on the video playing.
– Images and text appear and are clickable so that the viewers can access any time (in a shopping-cart style) the content that has grabbed their attention.

– You can see the presentation at or click on the image below to see a couple of screenshots.

The video is property of Ayuntamiento de Bilbao, Diputación Foral de Bizkaia and Gobierno Vasco. The images (buildings and architects/designers) are also property of their repective authors